Born 29th May 1956, Karachi, Pakistan


India, Netherlands, U.A.E., England, Canada, United States


G.C.E. ‘0’ Levels Karachi Grammar School 1973

Higher School Certificate St. Patrick’s College Karachi 1976
Bachelor of Arts University of Punjab 1978
LL.B University of Karachi 1980
Professional Experience

Enrolled as Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan 1997
Assistant Advocate General, Sindh 1996
Advisor (Law), Ministry of Human Rights, 1996, Government of Pakistan
Panel Member of Advocates of the Federal Government 1984-96

Special Public Prosecutor for Customs and Narcotics both before the trial Court and the Special Appellate Court 1984 – 1992
Panel of Attorneys –

Consulate General of United States, Karachi 1994 – 2000

Opened law firm Wasim & Co. November 1984

Worked as internee with Mr. Ali Ahmed Fazeel, Sr. Advocate Supreme Court 1981-1984

Enrolled as Advocate High Court 1984

Enrolled as Pleader 1982

Academic Experience

  • Honorary professor of Law in Sindh Muslim Law College 1986 – 1987
    Hamdard University, Business Laws 1997 – 1998
  • L’école; London Univ., External LL.B Programme 2002 – 2004
    Hamdard School of Law, H.U. 2001-2006
    Assistant Professor of Law, Faculty of Legal Studies 2001-

Professional Memberships

  • Member of Supreme Court of Pakistan Bar Association 1997
  • Member Sindh High Court Bar Association 1984
  • Member Karachi Bar Association 1984
  • Member World Jurists Association 1994- 200
  • Member LAW ASIA 1993- 1998
  • Member International Law Association of American Bar Association 1994 – 2002

Participations* April, 1994 attended SAARC Conference at New Delhi, India.
*July – August 1994, represented Pakistan on USIA I.V. Programme on a study tour on Legal system of U.S.
* February 2003 member of HSL team for drafting of Anti-Money Laundering Law in collaboration with State Bank of Pakistan.
* May-September 2006, Seminars on Honour Killings.


“Predicaments in defining Terrorism and the Social Contexts” March 2007

“Public Interest Litigation in Pakistan: its role and concerns”

“Education and Legal Education: the glitches February 2007

“Honour and the Feudal Mind” September 2006

“Self Governance: Can it provide the moorings for a sustainable democracy in Pakistan” February 2004

Fields of Academic Interest
* Legal Philosophy {Law and Morality} {Feminism}
* Constitutional Law
* Human Rights


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  1. Thank you again for your comment. My husband and I still discuss your first post. I often find myself in deep thought over all I read there. Thank you so very much for sharing, and reading my blog as well.

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